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Divorce may include many complex issues such as child custody and child support, the use and possession of a home, maintenance or marriage support, and the identification and distribution of assets. Often these problems must be addressed when both spouses are experiencing emotional and financial hardship.

In many cases, one spouse is more emotionally prepared to divorce than the other. They strive to minimize this process by taking the time to understand the needs of individual clients and working with them compassionately. This will take this process if positive results can be achieved through negotiation or mediation. If not, they adequately prepare their clients and cases to maximize the likelihood of positive results in court.

Criminal defense:

If you are under police investigation or if you are arrested or charged with a crime, you must withhold any temptation to speak to the police, prosecutors and victims. Often, your statements may not even be accurately remembered, and worse, may be misinterpreted. If you explain what happened to your family or friends, these people can be brought to justice and forced to repeat your statements in your court. In some cases, the police officer may say that everything will be easier for you if you work together without a lawyer. Do not slump for this purpose. This is one of the oldest techniques in this book and will not end for you. Again, do not talk without the attorney present. If you do not say anything, the worst thing that can happen is if you have enough reason, you will be detained for 24 hours before meeting with a commissioner or hearing examination.


If you refuse to test alcohol or illicit drugs or fail the test, the police will forfeit your driver’s license (Maryland drivers only), temporarily issue a temporary license and prepare a case for the Maryland MVA file if you are a holder of a Commercial Driving License, MVA will suspend your commercial driving license and may cancel your driving license.

Traffic laws:

Following acts in driving are considered as reckless driving or violation of traffic rules:

  • Driving at speed higher than the limit.
  • Recklessly overtaking
  • Moving in and out of the lanes frequently.
  • Failing to yield emergency vehicles.
  • Driving without using proper signals.
  • Stopping in front of school buses that drop off or pick children.

If the above act is criminalized, the Government may prosecute a person in accordance with established rules. These may include simple fines, tickets or more. Sanctions may not be reasonable and everyone can pay, and allegations of detention and suspension of driving license lead to many related issues in the future. Most people face the most stressful time in their lives and do not know how to get out of what happened. The simplest and most logical solution is to get the help of a competent lawyer who is able to offer free advice and can work hard to solve the current situation. The attorneys at Queen Anne’s Maryland can help you in such situations.

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